Renate Collins
Renate Collins Hume
Ojai, California

Renate Collins Hume was born in Germany, studied arts and sciences and emigrated to the U.S. in 1970.  She continued her studies in Switzerland, New York, and New Mexico, where she taught at the Taos Institute of Arts.  She received outstanding awards and is represented in both Museum and private collections internationally. 

Why I Paint

Not the least of it has to do with
curiosity about detail and purpose
as it is present in all things natural

The possibility of common origin ...
or at least shared pasts ...
and presences of law and order

An answer, maybe,
to an age old question
about creative dreaming

At the beginning,
of wishing into being
before all motion

But the question is
too deep to answer
and the symbols cloak

A revelation ..
except - for beauty
in the obvious

I want to open another window
to manifested mysteries
to understanding oneness and love

I need to feel how we relate
and make it visible for myself
with line and color in the present